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Australian born, Robyn Mary Edwards enjoyed a successful global career that allowed her to taste the global expressions of life. In her youth, the Ascended Masters played with Robyn, telling her to dream, dream, and that she could have anything she imagined.

This teaching was the truth of our Being that our pure heart’s desires, thoughts, and dreams become our reality, shaping our world. She received simple telepathic messages throughout her life and knew she was always protected and guided. Robyn was introduced to Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters in the 1980’s where she also learned the power of decrees and meditation.

In 2012, while living in Dallas, Texas, Robyn embarked on a new journey and chapter of her experience writing and illustrating the doctrines of The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin, together with Saint Germain. It was there that the real inner journey began as Robyn outlined and illustrated the once hidden gnostic and esoteric doctrines describing the understanding of our Being. The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin, is the benchmark of knowledge for the New Golden Age and awakened consciousness of New Earth.