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Australian born, Robyn Mary Edwards is a successful global career professional. In 2012, while living in Dallas Texas, Robyn embarked on a new journey and chapter of her experience and began to look within for direction and guidance.

On this inner journey, Saint Germain slowly showed Robyn more and more of her true Self, until during a meditation in 2013 Saint Germain and Robyn melded their etheric bodies to become One, and to reveal the Truth of her Being, as his Twin Flame, Lady Portia.

It was there that the true inner journey began and Robyn started writing and illustrating the doctrines of The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin, together with her Beloved Saint Germain and the Universal All. Robyn is a self-initiated Ascension Teacher who brilliantly outlines and illustrates the once hidden Gnostic and esoteric doctrines. The Heart of “I AM” The Point of Divine Origin, becomes the destiny we are meant to live.